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Welcome. We make films.


The soul seed media studio specialises in production and postproduction (film, television, multimedia). We create various audiovisual forms for business, industry, science, education, NGOs, cultural organizations.

Our offer includes such genres as:

Commercial Spot / Commercial Video

You want to show the values and features of a product or service, present the company profile and the spectrum of possibilities? Or maybe you want to talk about the values and mission of your brand? The advertising film presents in an effective way the product, service, company or brand, indicating values, innovation, competitiveness and highlighting key features.

Social Campaign

Do you have a desire to change the world for the better? Would you like to help a specific group of people? Encourage others to act? The social campaign gathers a group of recipients around a cause, it makes you aware and provokes a change of thinking and activates to action.

Instructional Video / Training Video

Did you manage to put together a bookcase or table from a well-known furniture store? Certainly, the manual contained pictures that simply illustrated the whole process. An instructional video allows for a step by step presentation process, design, device operation or service configuration on the website - using animations and classic shots.

Educational Video / e-Learning

Are you a dance course creator? Would you like to teach a foreign language? Do you have an idea for an e-learning program? Educational / e-learning video is designed for individual learning.

Event Clip

Are you organizing an outdoor event for employees? Celebrating the success or anniversary of the organization? You want to record an awards ceremony, a conference, a concert? Event clip is a report or a full record - single or multi-camera - with or without streaming of a concert, conference, panel, debate, lecture, etc.

Music Video

Do you want to promote your song? Or maybe the whole album? Or a concert? The music video tells a story to your music, also presenting you as the Creator.

About us

Michal Bernardyn - CEO

Michał Bernardyn - CEO
Director, producer, screenwriter, dop, editor, sound engineer. Studied at Polish Film School in Łódź and Technical University of Wrocław. Over 15 years in film business.

soul seed media

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